Harmonic NSG-9000-40G High-Density Universal Edge QAM System

  • $8,000.00

The NSG™ 9000-40G HectoQAM® is Harmonic’s ultra-dense universal edge QAM system. It’s designed as a highly integrated digital video gateway for multiplexing on-demand content streamed over an IP network. In addition to unparalleled output density, the NSG 9000-40G offers total throughput of 44 Gbps and supports a variety of applications, including video on demand (VOD), switched digital video (SVD), broadcast and Modular Cable Modem Termination System (M-CMTS) for cable TV.


  • High-density, modular 2-RU system supporting up to 44 Gbps input and 648 QAMs
  • Concurrent support for VOD, SDV, BCST and M-CMTS services
  • Hot-swappable QAM RF modules containing two RF ports capable of outputting up to 36 QAM channels
  • Real-time scrambling of VOD streams using Motorola Privacy Mode or DVB-CSA scrambling technologies